Sign of Hotel Times: How Green is Your Renovation?

Face it: taking into account the environmental impact of development or improvement of your property is no longer optional. And sustainability issues should play a role in the decisions you make about renovations as part of rebranding your hotel or resort. Since hotel signage is typically replaced when a property is renovated and/or rebranded, it’s helpful to understand how to decide the best type and use of signage for your green initiative.

It’s not always as simple as you may think. For example, wood, aluminum and stone are all highly recyclable products, but are they truly green? Let’s look at some pros and cons to these materials.

Exterior wood signs typically involve redwood or western red cedar. The wood is versatile, beautiful and lasts a long time in outdoor environments. But western red cedar and redwood are considered only moderately sustainable products sometimes harvested with clear cutting. They also often require glues and exterior paints that leach chemicals.

Aluminum signs, including letters, graphics, panels, and sign components can be cut and fabricated using a wide variety of methods.  Extremely durable, they are available in all shapes and sizes for both interior and exterior signage use.  But aluminum requires high energy production beginning with bauxite mining, grinding, and then smelting. Once the aluminum is rolled into sheets, it is sold to manufacturers who form, cut, weld and paint the material.

From small tiles to massive slabs weighing several tons, stone offers unparalleled durability and natural beauty. But stone requires quarrying. Its weight requires high energy transportation, and cut pieces have to be routed, sand-blasted, and/or painted to produce a finished product.

If this leaves you scratching your head, you’re not alone. So what is the most effective way that hotel signage can lessen environmental impact? Assess the entire sign project rather than focusing solely on materials.

Efficient signage programs produced and installed correctly the first time eliminate the need for costly changes and waste. A well thought-out program reduces the number of signs necessary. Exceptional sign design based on the property’s location and use lends itself to improved material choices, value engineering, and longevity. And of course, signs with a longer life don’t have to be replaced as frequently, thereby improving the environmental impact.

For assistance in determining the right signage program for your resort, please contact us at 800-727-6884 or visit for more information.


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