When it’s time to rebrand your resort, success is in the details

A strong brand is one of the keys to attracting guests. But when it is time to freshen up a stale brand, or completely rebrand the resort as a result of new ownership or other reasons, every detail is important.

Many pieces of the puzzle have to come together and fit properly for successful rebranding.  One of those pieces is signage that will reinforce the image associated with the new brand.

For example, Raffles Canouan (The Grenadines) Resort, an all-inclusive resort on an isolated island in the Caribbean, implemented a new sign program to help rebrand an existing resort and reposition the property.  The new sign program created a visual language for the 300-acre property that provided guests with the sense that they were vacationing on their own private island paradise. Every sign, including exterior vehicular traffic signs for the golf cart-using guests, signage for pedestrian guests on the resort property, and interior signage for guests staying in the villas and enjoying the amenities, reinforced the new branding and strengthened the new positioning.

Guests were left with absolutely no doubts about the luxurious image of the resort’s new brand.

Successfully rebranding of a resort is more than just changing its name.  It requires good planning and proper execution of all the details that go into making it a place guests want to visit again and again. Not only are signs an important tool to enhance your brand and image, sign programs contribute to guests’ positive experience by making the resort unified and easier to navigate, and by giving guests clear, comprehensible information.

For assistance in determining the right signage program for your resort, please contact us at 800-727-6884 or visit www.southwoodcorp.com for more information.


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