High Density Urban Living

As development trends shift back towards urban cores, older neighborhoods and abandoned factories are breathing new lives as infill communities. Atlanta’s Midtown neighborhood has gone through a tremendous amount of change and renovation over the last several years. One such development in the area is the King Plow Arts Center. Comprised of buildings dating back to the 1890’s, the former plow factory has been renovated and transformed into a mixed-use urban development. While preserving the historic and architectural significance of the factory, the spaces were redeveloped for commercial art space, performing art centers, and restaurants. When Gables Residential (a nationwide REIT managing over 35,000 units) began development of Gables 820 West on a site adjacent to the King Plow Arts Center, it wanted the building (and its signage) to retain the urban industrial feel of its surroundings. SouthWood was hired to develop and implement a complete sign package that included both exterior and interior elements. In keeping with the slick urban feel, a combination of metals was used on the exterior blade ID sign on the building’s facade. Signage was also needed in the parking garage and interior corridors of the community’s loft-like atmosphere. A variety of methods and materials were used to achieve a unique and modern look that complemented the building’s older industrial feel. From garden-style to high-rise, new developments or acquisitions, SouthWood understands the issues of today’s apartment communities. To learn more about what we can do for your properties, click here.


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